2017 is the year we return to the natural and unfiltered.

The technology driven centennials, the iGeneration post-millennials are inundated with images every day which leads to the longing for perfection, and artificiality.  2016 was a particularly memorable political year with Trump’s election, Brexit and fake news circulating the planet. This has led to many doubting our political system and having a disbelief of the truth.

Civil wars, mass migration and increased tensions between cultures and religions have repercussions across all aspects of modern culture. Our planet has to cope with increased waste and an ever increasing strain on natural resources. Partly in response to these factors, much of society is returning to the natural.  We desire the unadulterated, the unfiltered and what is genuine.  We want actual emotion, imperfection and to maintain a sense of separateness. People are striving to maintain their identity, to maintain their beliefs and culture in the face of strong adversity and persecution.

As the planet’s natural resources diminish and waste products increase, upcycling and alternative farming are increasingly becoming more popular. The need for sustainability has never been greater.  Such trends are now steering design disciplines and are influencing styles within the global graphic design community.  2017 is the year we return to the authentic, we crave simplicity, honesty and clarity.

We are now experiencing a rebirth, a renaissance of visual communication reflecting such values to counteract what is fake, manufactured and disingenuous.

You could see these trends influencing all aspects of design… ranging from colour choices, shapes and lines, textures and even packaging become simpler with an artisan influence.

2018 Design Trends

As people say, history repeats itself. We can see a return of tried and tested graphic trends and techniques from years past make a return with a modern slant. This being a movement away from flat and simplistic design to 3D, textures, animations, augmented reality and stills.  Minimalism, retro styling and line-art are still around however expect to see a return of gradients, bold vivacity and 80s patterns.

During the last year, there has been an increasing number of 3D design projects.  The use of 3D still-lifes are gaining popularity. This will be particularly true for corporate collaborative projects which use a combination with logos and product placements. 3D typography has also become popular along with 3D text animations.  Modern illustrations combined with a retro look is still a major trend in 2018. Moreover, we can see an increase in animations such as adding depth to illustrations or the use of slight movements, which are intended for a more aesthetically pleasing and impactful visual.  In a strong contrast to the natural organic colours we saw in 2017, 2018 has seen a comeback of bold, vivid colours and the return of the gradient, but used with a variety of textures for a more updated approach.

More to follow.


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