What’s the Difference between a Logo and a Brand?  Are they Important?

What is a Logo?

Everyone knows what a logo is.  A great one should be an easily recognisable design. It usually displays the business name, a simple or detailed illustration with colours and fonts chosen to reflect your brand.  It will set the tone for so many things important for your business such as stationery templates, business cards, facebook and other social networking profiles, flyers and brochures, and so on.

What’s the Value?

What’s the value of a logo?  Imagine a plain white T-shirt. It has no theme, no associations. Then put on a logo such as the Nike Swoosh and the value of that T-shirt immediately goes up. People will now pay £30 for that previously plain top. A logo is crucial to your business and getting it right is important.

It sets your tone, your theme, the look and feel of your business. What message do you want to portray?

Some ideas are: security, formality, professionalism, trustworthiness, masculinity, luxury, intellect. Other ideas are: fun, energy, economical, modern, expertise and so on. The list below is a good place to start when thinking what sort of image are you wanting to portray.

  • Feminine        Masculine
  • Young             Mature
  • Luxury            Economical
  • Modern          Classic
  • Playful            Serious
  • Loud               Quiet
  • Simple            Complex
  • Subtle             Obvious

What is a Brand?

The visual part of a brand is the logo design, used to identify a product and differentiate it from competitors. Over time, this image becomes associated with a level of credibility, quality, trustworthiness and satisfaction in the customer’s mind.

Branding is a more holistic view of how your customers experience your company. Whilst a logo is a visual design tool, a brand includes every single interaction your customers have with your company. A brand encompasses business ethos, values, communications, visual design, tone of voice, marketing and every experience people have when liasing with and interacting with a business.  You can think of branding or a brand as an idea or notion that a company represents and eminates in addition to the logo design.

A logo essentially is a visual design element on it’s own. A brand is the overall strategy that helps you portray your passion, work ethics, values and expertise.

When combined, a good logo and brand strategy helps you reach your target audience and communicate your message and values. They differentiate you from your competitors and ultimately can attract more business.

Your business needs a professional logo design.  We can help give advice and come up with ideas if you’re not sure about what you’d like.  There are also several different pricing options to suit any budget.

Logo Packages

For information on logo packages and the design process, click here.


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