We have 2 main logo packages to choose from to hopefully suit your budget and requirements.

Level one is a simpler logo type (a word mark), with the focus on the text, the typography.  This will include customisation of the fonts with the option of a simple illustration.

logo package word mark logo design

Above is a level one logo


Level two is a more complex logo, with more detailed artwork.  This also can include custom typography but the illustration will be more of a focus than the previous level.

logo packages beauty salon design

This above example is a level two logo.



The way we work is to obtain as much information as possible from you initially. What sort of theme and look are you wanting to portray.  The logo is very important to get right from the beginning and sets the tone for your business.  It is the start of your business marketing journey.

The logo will be printed on your marketing material, your van livery, your headed paper, compliment slips, business cards and will also be displayed on your website, signage and merchandise if applicable. Therefore, it’s very useful if you think through your requirements and have an idea of your theme beforehand.  If you’re not sure, I can help give you guidelines on graphic design principles regarding colour choices/shapes as well as current design trends.


More information on logo design can be obtained by clicking here.


If you intend of putting your logo on items such as pens, clothing, signage, website (basically anything other than a print out) it is usually better to not have a shadow or gradient on the logo and to just have flat colours used with different tones incorporated to the design instead.  The reason for this is that these scale up and down better and typically look cleaner and simpler.


The design process starts with me gathering information about your company and wishes.  Based on your requirements and ideas, I design several distinct draft logo ideas.  You will then choose one of these draft ideas and this draft is then altered and refined multiple times until you are happy with the end result.

If any client is not happy with my initial draft ideas, after obtaining further feedback from my client, I will sketch several more drafts until one of these is selected.  That chosen draft is then refined as described above.


I charge a flat price for my logos. This provides for multiple rough draft ideas being sketched, and after a logo draft design has been selected, up to 10 refinements of that chosen logo.  If the work progresses beyond this or the conditions change mid job, I typically charge a supplemental fee on top of the initial fee due to the time the process is taking.


I will export the finalised logo in typical industry standard formats in high resolutions and email the files to you.  I will explain the usage of all the different file types at this stage.  I also supply a branding sheet along with the logo, detailing the various colour codes and font used at this point.


Please email me for current prices on jennifer@aberdeen-graphic-design.com


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