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What We Offer

  • Complete Website Design with CMS (Content Management System) allowing you to update your website.
  • Options include photo galleries, image carousels, blogs, portfolio, contact form, testimonials etc.
  • Social Media Integration.
  • Web Hosting Advice and Domain Name Registration.
  • SEO Optimisation.      
  • Website Images Optimisation.     
  • Digital Certificate Installation for Secure Logins.    (SSL Setup).
  • Website Firewall Installation.
  • Google Analytics Configuration.
  • Business Email – Webmail setup.
  • Fully Responsive Website – so it looks good on all devices.

Regarding a website design, I recommend using WordPress as the most popular content management system in the world.  Over 25 percent of all websites in the world are built on WordPress. 


WordPress is free to install, has thousands of themes to choose from, and is great for ease of use for ongoing updates, design alterations, maintenance and patches. I can provide general advice on user experience (UX) design principles.  One of the main rules of UX is – don’t make users think.  Above all, your website should be easy to use and navigate, with it’s purpose clearly and concisely explained.  You can have the most beautiful website in the world, but if people have problems finding crucial information quickly or encounter problems navigating your site, they can become frustrated and could go elsewhere.  


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Advice and Website Optimisation

I can offer advice on plugins for your website optimisations (for fast loading times), for SEO (search engine optimisation, so your site is found in searches online) and a WordPress firewall to help prevent your site being hacked.  Additionally, we can configure Google Analytics, which integrates with a common PlugIn to give you visibility of typical browser/viewer behaviour.  The backup of your site can be done via your hosting provider through the control panel (Cpanel).  If there is anything you do not understand, I can explain all the technical terms and options available to you regarding your website design.  

I can offer advice on which hosting provider to use based on current recommendations, pricing and packages and the location of their data centres.

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Business Email

Furthermore, I can setup your business webmail (webmail is when you read email via an internet browser). By business email, I mean that the domain name used for your email will be the same as the domain used for your website.  This looks more professional and will give more credibility to your new business.  For example, my email is and the website is This looks better than simply using a Hotmail address or other free email addresses.

I can also configure your email on a laptop or desktop to use IMAP/POP3 protocols. This means the email can be viewed through a desktop application such as Microsoft Outlook on your office desktop or laptop computer, if you have Outlook software licensed and installed.  I would charge a little extra for this setup as it would involve travelling to your office to have physical access to your computer.  However, the business email setup using just webmail with an internet browser would be included in the website design fee.

Documentation and Support

After your new site is built via WordPress, I will document how to update your site so the majority of people should be able to update the website, regardless of technical expertise. For a small additional fee, I can also provide some initial support to help give you the confidence to manage your site in future, if required.

Pricing for Website Design

I will charge a flat fee for a website design depending on how many pages you’d like.  Please email me for prices on this.  I can also refresh an existing website if you’d like a change of theme and would like the content and design updated.   If any project is taking a particularly long time due to a change in the circumstances due to my client changing their minds mid project, I will charge a supplemental fee in addition to the original fee to cover the cost for my time. 

New to Business?

If you’re new to business as well as launching a new company, I’d recommend undertaking a few preparatory checks before hiring any graphic designer/web designer to work for you.  Common pitfalls are not doing the research on your company name/domain name to see if it’s already been taken.   If you’re a sole trader there is no legal protection for your company name, however if you’re a limited company, you have more legal protection regarding your business name.  You can search for limited company names on the HMRC website.

If your preferred business name is available, the next step should be to check the WHOIS database.  This is an internet registry of available and registered domain names.  You can also check the Trademark and Intellectual Property Database to see if anyone has registered a trademark with your chosen business name. 

Additionally, do searches with common search engines such as Bing or Google to see if there are other businesses out there with your name.  It is best to avoid being accused of “passing off” further down the line after your domain name, website and branding have all been purchased.

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For General IT and Website Configuration Advice Services – Click Here

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